SolMark International is a global strategic sourcing, merchandising, supply chain and logistics company with decades of experience in consumer products. We provide enterprise level problem solving and solutions that ensure consistent delivery and profitability for customers around the world.

SolMark is a key partner for large retail groups providing a vertical structure for:

• Category Management
• Product Development
• Sourcing
• Supply chain
• Logistics
• Creative Services

Category Management

At SolMark, Category Management is a dynamic ongoing process. On the front end it involves working with our retail partners to help define and develop product segments into a category that satisfies customer needs and generate a profitable revenue stream.

Once in place we continuously assess performance to ensure that we are meeting planned and tactical category goals.

This constant observation requires us to have an unbiased approach to product evaluation. Adding new products to ensure category relevance and removing non-performing items.

Product Development

Once a category is established, the individual products that make it up are defined through strategic collaboration by SolMark.

Consumer research, competitive analysis and other supporting information helps to define specifications and feature sets that align with end user expectations.

Products are then shepherded through the product development and manufacturing process from concept to first article of inspection, to actual production and ongoing quality control through product life cycle.


Finding the right vendor and manufacturing partners that can deliver products to our specifications is a significant challenge. Our aim is to have diversity and redundancy in our supply network to ensure a consistent flow of goods. Technical know-how, operational standards, strong quality control and fair pricing. These are the elements SolMark looks for in its vendor and manufacturing partners.

Supply Chain

Creating value through effective management. Understanding supply chain needs is one of the most critical aspects to our business. At SolMark we are engaged from beginning to end in this process to ensure that we have what you need when it’s needed.

Frequent communication between sales and production. Reliable forecasting and constant analysis to ensure accuracy. Knowing manufacturing and logistical lead times are all elements to eliminating supply disruption.


A category was established, product has been developed, and its now manufactured, the job isn’t done yet. It still must get to its destination.

SolMark works with a network of proven logistical partners to ensure our products get delivered anywhere in the world. Multiple warehouse locations in the US and Europe were chosen to meet customer needs, reduce costs and reduce lead times.

Creative Services

Consumer products require packaging and retail support.

The SolMark creative group works with established brand IP and visual style guides ensuring that packaging adheres to display standards in the retail environment.

Our in-house photo studio provides image content for use across a range of applications.

Brand Management

SolMark also offers turn-key solutions by offering products in several categories under our own proprietary brands.


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